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Reraneza Association

Our mission is to ensure every vulnerable child & family in Musanze has access to healthcare, education and the chance to break free of poverty


Reraneza: Opportunity School

Opportunity School

Providing free vocational training to 122 youth in car mechanics and driving from our own technical school in Musanze

Reraneza: Pathways from Poverty

Pathways from Poverty

Assisting 42 Families (141 people) with access to education & healthcare, housing and food support. Currently seeking funding for our sustainable Agriculture Programme.


Reraneza: Technical College

Technical College

A vocation training school providing mixed training and employment opportunities for 300 youth per year. The association members have bought some land and are now further developing the plans for the future.

Reraneza Association

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P.O Box 202 | Musanze | Cyuve Sector

Musanze District | Rwanda

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